Advisor—Andrew Allen
Collaboration—Jacob Elias
& Sofia Cababa Wood

Timeline—6 weeks
App Design
Based on the pre-existing website, IssueVoter, Voicebox is an app that keeps American citizens engaged by connecting their voice to their representative. Users are able to easily voice their opinions on current bills, follow their surrounding news, and check how their opinions align with their rep’s.
Target Audience
Americans age 18–30 who desire to be politically active, but have to be hand-held through the process.
"Home" welcomes users to any new bills floated at the top to encourage them to voice. It also acts as an archive for all bills past and present.  
"Feed" emphasizes the concept of sustained engagement by showing a feed of updates on bills. Essential to this is the idea that users only ‘follow’ bills that they care about, so as to present them only with information of interest.
Your Rep
"Your rep" allows users to gain a sense of their representative (who they are and what they agree on), as well as get in touch with them. 
Mental Model
The mental model consists of the carousel on the home screen, and the stacked cards metaphor on both the home and overview screens.
Brand Elements
Color use is intentional. Since voicing opposition or support is a theme throughout the app, purple is associated with oppose and orange with support. Bias towards positive/negative and democrat/republican was considered in our choice.

Typography was used to create hierarchy, preventing information from feeling overwhelmingwere used to identify categories of bills and replace the use of words in many cases.

Illustration breathes character into the app and lightens the subject matter in a way that can be used across bills of all topics.
Group Work
My primary job was the visual design of the application. Jacob Elias took head of interaction and motion design. Sofia Cababa Wood was our symbol designer, illustrator, video editor, and the organizer of our all of our files.
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