Advisor—Steve Watson
Timeline—10 weeks
O'Neill Surf Shop
Finding its beginnings in 1952, O'Neill is a name that everyone knows and loves. During the course of this project, I redesigned the logo and gave the company a fresh, yet classic look. With its rebrand, O'Neill is the original American surf shop that's classic, yet evolved.
The New Logo
The new logo ties the company back to its roots by removing the trademark symbol and placing more emphasis on the iconic name, O'Neill. The three waves subtly nod to the ocean and are used as a secondary logo in some instances.
With its rebrand, O'Neill is the original American surf brand
that is classic, yet evolved.
Target Audience
O’Neill’s target audience is frequent beach goers, surfers, or people who have a likeness for beach culture. Through this rebrand, O’Neill will not only attract the pros, the amateurs,  and the sun-soakers, but also the Cabo-vacationers and the suburban wanna-be-beach-bums.
Brand Elements
Looking back on classic pictures of Jack O'Neill's original surf shop, I was inspired by their nostalgic, B&W quality, which influenced a lot of the brand. The typography and color choices are minimal and classic.
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